Persuasive Speech On Human Rights

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Human rights are basic rights and freedoms which are guaranteed to a human by virtue of him being a human which can neither be created nor can be abrogated by any government. It includes the right to life, liberty, equality, dignity and freedom of thought and expression. The court said that transgendered people are "sidelined and treated as untouchables, forgetting the fact that the moral failure lies in the society 's unwillingness to contain or embrace different gender identities and expressions, a mindset which we have to change. And now in this modern era where a country 's progress is dependent upon human rights of its people, we need to grow up and accept the existence of third gender (as well as other members in LGBTQ community). We, as a society, needs to understand souls have no gender. Sex is the cause of nature and without that primeval instinct the world would come to an end. The tendencies of our mind are governed by Sanskaras, our past life impressions. The society in order to support continuity of species might have selected heterosexuality as a more natural phenomenon and hence might show a bias or preference towards it but to brand one as good and the other as bad is ignorance. Some researches reveal that many transgender feels they are born this way because of their past life’s bad karma. We have to make them realize that we all are children of god, and they are no exception to it. And if we judge them or they judge themselves, then we are questioning the
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