Persuasive Speech On Juveniles

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Suddenly one Friday night, Javier started seeing a bunch of gangsters arriving to the party in which they were at too. They were entering one after another, and began fighting randomly as they walked in. One of the gangsters that had arrived was holding up a gun to Javier and Javier’s cousin panicked that he would be killed. So, Javier’s older cousin runs to the back of his car and takes out a gun and passes it to his friend, he grabbed it and killed the ruthless guy that was going to kill Javier. That same night he got arrested.
Good afternoon fellow classmates and Ms.Harrell, I believe that Juveniles should not be treated/sentenced like adults regardless of the crime they have committed. I believe Juveniles should get a second
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However there are some disadvantages on releasing them so soon without at least a couple of days behind bars because then they’ll think they got away with what they did and they’ll begin to do it again and not learn from what their crime was. Studies have shown that letting juveniles get away with the crime isn't the best thing to do they keep committing the crime again and again. Another disadvantage is the rate of crime in the society give juveniles a second chance or should they not?! \
Although juveniles should not be in jail they should be put into an academy. Jail cells can be a bit solitary and confined, and are intended to be a punishment for adults not teenagers. Creating academies or institutions would be to all of our benefit because recreational instructors, counselors and psychologists would be at their disposal to help them engage into becoming better citizens. The interaction with other juveniles with the same background and experiences will help them mend their problems and become more open to voicing their problems.

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