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One of the leading causes for reefs to be endangered is due to the invasive lionfish. The lionfish’s impulsive eating habits are threatening our sea life of the reefs and decreasing our fisheries economically. According to Lionfish Hunters, the green side includes the cleaners that maintain the health of the reef and the health of other fish such as “grazers.” The grazers are the parrotfish, goatfish, wrasses, surgeonfish, and tangs. (The Lionfish Hunters, web.) These fish help clean the algae that grow over the reef, lowers the algae levels to support enough oxygen for coral to grow, and to establish efficient space for baby coral. There are three main ideas of how we as a community and as a nation can attempt to eliminate lionfish: spread…show more content…
According to, caviar is a processed, salted fish eggs known as “roe.” (Caviar Processing Methods, web) There are different types of fish being used to make caviar. In the United States use salmon or paddlefish and in other countries excellent use Osetra, Beluga, starlet, and sturgeon. There are at least four types of processing methods to make caviar from freshness to preserves: Malossol, salted caviars, pressed and pasteurized. All four process types measure the amount of salt intake and its freshness. Malossol process considers as high-quality caviar measured by its freshness. This process involves salt in the three to five percent intake. Salted caviars have a high content of salt intake up to eight percent and usually pressed manually into a screen. (Caviar Processing Methods, web) The pressed is made from overly ripe roe and considered second in high-quality. The process exterior is similar to jam, and it has a longer shelf life. Lastly, pasteurized methods are to preserve flavor and taste. (Caviar Processing Methods) Once a process that will fit best with lionfish eggs, then we can start managing lionfish’s population at all life stages. Now finding the productive method to harvest to increase supply will be the next,…show more content…
The main harvesting technique is spearfishing. Spearfishing is time-consuming and only performed in shallow waters. In the Northeast region of Florida, American Marine Research Company are in the process of developing drones that will detect and collect lionfish beyond human divers. (Joseph, B. web) According to co-founder of America Marine research Company, Yuan Wang, mentioned: “the company’s goal is to program the drone to distinguish between other types of fish so as not to decimate other population such as snappers or groupers.” (Joseph, B. web) While lionfish are multiplying faster than we can capture and eat them, hopefully, American Marine Research Company will be a success in diminishing our lionfish

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