Persuasive Speech On Living With Teens

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FAMILY WITH UNATTACHED YOUNG ADULTS: At this stage you have almost young men and women who can now move away from home, seeking their own places to stay in and now have the freedom to probably do some of those things they were not allowed to do when they were still in their parent’s house-hold, Matthew 19:16-24. This is their greatest opportunity to make either drastic positive choices or on the extreme continuum drastic negative choices, Psalm 25:7. They are now free like a bird which was caged for years and now loose to fly off. Some will be continuously informed by the wisdom of their parents whilst others will abscond and neglect everything they were taught from childhood saying, ‘dzavira mutswanda’- nobody is seeing or hearing what I am doing, especially when they have had the privilege to study over-sees or any other place far from home. Some, at this life-cycle phase might make drastic negative choices of following strange religions for purposes of accumulating wealth promptly or as a result of backgrounds of being poverty stricken, they are lured into offers of easy money for apartment renting, payment of college tuitions and other scholarships geared towards professional growth/ development. They might now pursue openly their hidden interest for many years of same sex relationships and finally choose to become gays or lesbians. Such drastic decision might be very difficult for parents and significant others to accept, but if that is what they strongly feel
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