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Losing weight is something that is on our minds all the time because as someone rightly said, ‘one of the most difficult things to do in our life is to lose weight.’ If you follow a strict diet and exercise plan, you can lose weight before you know it. The best plans are the ones that take time to show and that you incorporate in your daily routine. Stop thinking that if you diet for a month, you will lose the kilos you need to and start looking fabulous. First, stop getting paranoid about weight loss and do as much as you can to at least follow what you have promised yourself that you will follow.
First understand whether you want to diet all your life or follow an eating plan. An eating plan is that which suits your body type but a diet is
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It’s about eating small meals at frequent intervals each day. You should also east more when you are working. Finally, everything pays off only when you follow these regularly.
Exercise five times a week - Exercise is a non negotiable aspect of life. Hit the gym, go for swimming class or go for regular walks. Choose what you can do and do this at least five times a week for your body to look great.
Eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates - Vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, celery and beans are all good for health. Though we love yams and potatoes, we can’t always have them right? But avoiding them totally is also not the answer as they help in giving you the energy you need but proteins are great ways to reduce weight.
What’s your trigger to lose weight? Only if you have a reason to change, you will. The mind is so powerful that it can do whatever it wants only if it really wants to.
Hire a personal trainer- It’s great to hire a trainer as a personal trainer to help you practice at house or in your gym as they tell you what you need to do exactly to reach your ideal weight.
Review – Check your current weight and then do whats needs to be done to reach your ideal weight. You need to check your weight regularly and understand whether you are reaching your dream

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