Persuasive Speech On Love

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The death of a mother, so sweet and nice. A loving mother pierced by a bullet. And for what purpose...? Revenge? The empty feeling of losing someone so close shatters my already broken heart. What is there to do without the love of a mother? A love that you’ll never find anywhere else, a person that cares more deeply about you than her own self. Revenge is a useless word that requires action before meaning. Revenge is a word that should fall down the same grave my mother fell in; a word that should be kicked out of humanity removed and destroyed for all I care. No one knows what they have until they lost it, that’s just life. Even the poorest of mothers give everything they can to their family, the people with nothing left give the most. A love so endearing a man can only dream of giving, a love beyond human expectation yet we give nothing back. At times we argue with those mothers, yet all they think about is our health and safety, our wellbeing. We underestimate a mother 's love. I am that percentage, I am the statistic of a man who has lost a mother, I’ve become a number rather than a person. This is what 's wrong with the world but I won’t try to fix it, I don 't care enough to waste my precious time.

I say we should remove the word ‘revenge’. I say that we should throw it out yet, revenge is what I’m looking for. For the man that has killed my mother will suffer worse than death. Will suffer beyond torture, I will make sure everyone he knows or cared about will die.
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