Persuasive Speech On Mental Disabilities

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Imagine receiving a task of writing simple alphabets with your toes, and being expected to complete it without any help rendered. Does it not seem like an impossible feat? This is exactly how it feels like for people who suffer from mental disabilities to write out letters A to Z using their hands. Just thinking about it, I can already imagine the frustration. Looking at the bigger picture, imagine the anxiety and anger that they face everyday, having to wake up daily to try and complete a series of tasks that society expects of you, although it is much harder for you to. I am glad that democracy , the word derived from the Latin word demos and means “the people” , is prevalent in our society. It is commonly shown in Singapore, and is the mainstreaming of our education system. It allows for children from all walks of life, which includes disabled children to have equal…show more content…
Reports online mentioned that 87% of people think that disabled people should be treated equally. The people who opposed this statement felt that the disabled use their disability as a free ride to an easy life. Most of my friends mentioned that their parents would object them to befriend those with disabilities as they feel that they would affect their well being and exam results . Albeit disappointed, I knew that it was an existing issue. I feel that being disabled is neither especially cursed nor especially blessed . Disability does not equate to inability , thus , special needs people need empathy not sympathy . I agree that by calling them “special” and pushing them into “special” schools , groups and activities , we segregate them . What is normal ? Does it mean having different abilities, talents and Oh
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