Persuasive Speech On Minimum Wage

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All right, fantastic. We are going to move on to this question here, do you do anything else right now to make money or is you’re your main job? Participant: Yeah. Interviewee: No work off the books, or other work for yourself? Participant: No. Interviewee: As you probably know, the Seattle City Council passed a new minimum wage law in 2014 and the minimum wage went up last April and then again this past January. Since last April, what has your employer said to you about the Seattle Minimum wage law? Participant: Just as it goes up, directors will also get a raise, so that way it is clear and nothing like why am I working more if we are getting paid the same. So, just so we keep thing separated, we will be getting the raise as well. Interviewee: It’s that compression situation, that happens in your organization. Participant: Yeah. Interviewee: Any specifics that they said, about the schedule of when the raises come out? Participant: No. Interviewee: It’s just like, it’s going to happen? Participant: Yeah, I knew it would happen in January and I got a little bit of a raise, and then I hired somebody two months before and I told them this is your pay now, but in two months it will go up. Interviewee: You passed along that information. Participant: Yeah. Interviewee: How did your employer talk about this? Was this a companywide memo, an email, or was it a meeting? Participant: It was a meeting between us. Interviewee: Just you two? Participant: Yeah.

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