Persuasive Speech On Mold Remediation

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Your home is your sanctuary; it’s the place where you feel safe and comfortable among family and friends. And while you may protect it from outside invasion, there may be a threat lurking inside your walls, ceilings and floors. What is it? According to the commercial and residential cleaning experts at Silver Spring, MD’s ServiceMaster of Suburbia, mold represents exactly that, regardless of whether it’s the result of a larger scale flooding event or just some unnoticed leaking in the walls or floors. This is why these contractors point out that mold remediation can be absolutely essential; not only does it get rid of unsightly growth, it protects you and your family. What does mold remediation protect you from? Why is it so important? Let’s take a look:…show more content…
These cause a range of harmful effects in people, from more mild symptoms like rashes or nausea, to very severe ones such as liver damage, central nervous system issues and even

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