Persuasive Speech On Obesity

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Body fat percentages
Essential fat: Women 10-12 %, Men 2-4%
Athletes:Women 14-20%, Men 6-13%
Fitness; Women 21 -24%, Men 14 -17%
Acceptable: Women 25 - 31% , Men 18 - 25%
Obese: Women 32% and up, Man 25% and up.
About two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, defined as having a body mass index of at least 25 or 30, respectively. These people are nearly twice as likely as healthy weight people to develop esophageal, stomach, liver and kidney cancer, they authors write in their paper, while obese people are approximately 30% more likely to develop colorectal cancer.
Women are often told that what they eat, how much they drink and the choices they make can have a big impact on their children’s health and development, even long before they get pregnant. But increasingly, animal and human research is suggesting that a man’s lifestyle (and not just his age) can play a big role in the health of future offspring as well.
Many nutrition educator point out that although obesity is one of the gravest health problems facing the country, it also is preventable. You’ll need support, and Ideally,you’ll find your support foundation at home. Good health habits should begin in early childhood. when you introduce your child to healthy foods in the right ways, they learn to actually enjoy the foods that are best for their development and long-term good health. If your child learns to enjoy vegetables for dinner every night and fresh fruit for dessert, they

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