Persuasive Speech On Obesity

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Much has been written lately about how obesity is overtaking . Although some of it is undoubtedly media hype, there is some grain of truth to it. Since we no longer have to farm or do heavy labor to ensure our survival, many of us have taken to a very sedentary lifestyle. As long as you are fit, your weight probably isn 't an issue, but most of us who struggle with our weight also struggle with fitness. Personally, I have watched both my blood sugar and my blood pressure creep up.

I have had life-long issues with my weight. I went from 160 in high school to about 210 in college, then lost 20 pounds, gained 40, lost 50, gained 80, etc. My current weight is just perfect......for a 7-foot-8-inch tall person. I 'm not sure even Manut Bol is that tall. But, I have lost 25 pounds over the past two years, so I am feeling like I am making progress. I just needed to find the trigger that would make me want to change my habits. Everyone will have their own trigger point, but I will share my story with you to help you to see that it may not be any one thing, it may be a series of events that will finally make you get serious about losing weight and keeping it off.

There were several things that happened within the space of about a year and a half that made me decide to finally lose some weight and keep it off. First, I met a couple of people who had gone through gastric bypass surgery. They had lost a lot of weight, but I saw that they still struggled with their eating and still had
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