Persuasive Speech On Open Campus Lunches

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PAGE 2 Day Shelby Day Mrs. Bauch Speech May 11, 2016 Persuasive Speech How many of you eat fast food? How many of you leave school during your lunch break to eat elsewhere? Today I am going to be persuading you about the dangers of open campus lunches. Imagine if you ate fast food 5 days a week for lunch. How do you think that would affect your health and your wallet? Studies show that fast food joints within walking distance of schools show gain more profit from students than the surrounding community (Miura). Today I am going to show you the health risks an open campus lunch poses, the threat of schools losing money, and the dangers to the community that it can cause.…show more content…
Some examples would be Obesity, the lack of nutrients a child needs, and the influx of chemicals that come with the eating of fast food (Lombardo, ?8 Monumental Pros??). These are problems because America has been fighting against child obesity for years and having open campus lunches near all of these fast food chains and unhealthy food choices would combat the work of the movements against obesity. This is very important because the health of a child affects how the child behaves, learns, and communicates (Lombardo, ?Top 7 Pros and Cons?.?). Studies show that overweight students tend to have more problems with learning and paying attention (Miura). Many parents also fear that children would have the chance to skip school of get into drugs and alcohol while they are loose for their lunch break. People of the communities have also expressed their fears of increased traffic and increased risk of traffic collisions (?9 Primary Pros and Cons of Open Campus Lunch?). Not only can open lunches cause health problems, but they can lead to other dangers such as a car crash or
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