Persuasive Speech On Overcoming Insomnia

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I. First and foremost, one of the way that can help you to overcome insomnia is to prevent daily habits which will distract your sleep. Some of the things you are doing as daily habits may make the problem become worse. A. A person who suffers from insomnia should avoid taking naps. Napping during the day can make you more difficult to sleep at night as it can negatively affect your night time sleep. 1. If you feel like you really have to take a nap, limit it to 30 minutes and do so before 3pm. As the National Sleep Foundation claim that a short nap of twenty to thirty minutes can improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep. 2. The "extra" sleep on weekends is tempting,…show more content…
In order to have a nice and comfortable sleep, you need to notice what you eat before sleep. People is encourange to stick to light and healthy snacks before bedtime like wholegrains, fruit, and low fat dairy.
II. In addition, another way to help you sleep is to develop a better bedtime routine. Make changes to your sleeping area as inviting, calm and soothing as possible can help to prevent insomnia. A. The easiest way to do is make sure the bedroom is quiet, dark and cool. Noise, light and heat can interfere with quality sleep. 1. For preparing a good sleep, it is important to elimate all the noise from the room as to relax our mind. By turning off the television and computer or using earphones to listen songs can hide outside noise and make the room sleep friendly. 2. The darker the room, the better you’ll sleep. Use heavy curtain to block out the light, sleep mask to cover your eyes and turn off all the lights in the bedroom when going to bed to provide a dark atmosphere. To make sure the temperature of bedroom is cool and comfortable enough, switch on the air condition or fan. B. Nevertheless, stimulating activities and stressful situation before bedtime are avoid for overcoming insomnia. Instead, regular physical activity can help regulate your sleep

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