Persuasive Speech On Overfishing

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1. 90-100 million tons are killed and wiped off the planet each year. Consisting of some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Fish are a primary food source to 3.5 billion people worldwide and the depletion of the species is leaving millions of people hungry. Over fishing is a huge problem that needs to be stopped. 2. I will explain what overfishing is doing to families, what we can do to help the situation, and how to repopulate the fisheries. 1. Millions of people rely on fishing for their livelihood and nutritional needs and they need help. A. With the overfishing, many families in 3rd world countries will not have food. 1. If overfishing continues hundreds of thousands of fish farmers and medium scale fisheries, often very poor, that depend on aquaculture and fishing, will be out of work. According to the Food and Agriculture…show more content…
Many countries like the United States have had over fishing crisis that have been resolved 1. Many countries such as Australia, Chile, Belize, Namibia, Denmark, and the United States, have faced similar problems but the fishing rights they have enforced have helped transform struggling fisheries. Which would be key for the lower status countries. 2. According to the Environmental Defense fund, “In the Gulf of Mexico, red snapper populations are three times what they were in 2007 when we helped reform that fishery” so if we use their methods many other countries might be able to re populate their fish. 2. Alternatives to overfishing and how the normal population can help control it. A. There are many alternatives to overfishing that will help control the population. 1. With a better management system, more referred to as fishing rights, people can reverse the reasons that prime to overfishing. With fishing rights in effect, commercial fishermen benefits are projected to the long-term well-being of the fishery. Their yearly intake improves also the fish population

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