Persuasive Speech On Plastic Pollution

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Everyday people buy plastic things from the cafeteria, from plastic containers, lids on cups, and things as small as straws, and like 50% of plastic used it will be thrown away after one use. However, do you ever stop and think, what happens to the plastic? If you’re thinking that it just magically goes away you 're wrong. It will most likely end up in a landfill somewhere or in the ocean, and as you may think that your actions do not impact the world, think again. Everyone in the world has at least used one piece of plastic, adding to the problem of plastic pollution and helping certifying the terrifying statisticc that acooording to the 2018 Earth day video, “by 2050 there will more plastic in the ocean than fish”, which almost is impossible to think of. However, if we…show more content…
It’s a scary fate if we don’t change our ways, however, ebfore you panic there are solutions, we just need your help. Even though it;s a big problem, every little thing counts, which is why something we could do is take away plastic containers in the cafeteria. Ofcourse I’m not saying we take away the products that are stored in plastic containers, instead we repleace the containers with reusable substances or biogradable substances. For example, we could use glass and people could bring the containers back after they used it. Another solution is using plastic ike substances htat are actually biodegradable. For example, a substance called liquid wood, which acts exactly like plastic, however, is good for the planet, and will not hurt the ocean or us. As you might think, these solutions will inevatiably raise food prices, since glass is more expensive, or if we resort to the biodegradable substances, they are new sciences, meaning that they will also cost more, however, wouldn’t you rather pay more for a solution to a problem that is largely afecting you, then do nothing about

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