Should Sports Be Banned In Schools

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Better intro to introduce subject!!!. Over 7.6 million students play sports while they’re in school but more specifically high school.(Koebler) This means about 55.5% of all high school students play sports in their school district. Just within the last couple of years the numbers have increased to 40,000 students that play sports. (Koebler)Students are spending countless hours being active rather than spending time on their phones. Sports like basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and soccer are taking over households across the country, causing teens to be more active within the community helping each other and creating a sense of purpose. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours and hours turn into years , time is being wasted by playing a sports. We now need to address this issue of being overly active in sports as soon as possible before it goes to fair to contain(Barkhorn). Parents should be concerned that…show more content…
The desire to play will grow like weeds and a garden box depriving the rest and students will only become more active when they join. Some students may even play more than one sport. I have read many concerns addressing the matter and how kids are becoming more productive. Obesity is no longer lingers and increases as rapidly but now sense participation in sports have arose the obesity percentage it has dropped a fair amount. And many of the students are getting scholarships for playing sports. So there are many colleges, encouraging this disruptive hobby. There must be a ban from sports before it infects us all with its aggressive desires. Communities are coming out to watch these athletes play on the court and on the field and many of their fellow students are also falling for these outrageous mind games and tricks by coming out and supporting
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