Persuasive Speech On Pride

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People use pride to make up their self image, that is built on a fragile foundation. Pride can swallow up our life if we let it, but there is nothing wrong with having satisfaction in getting things or accomplishing goals. “If we allow these things to define who we are, we set ourselves up for misery (Amodeo,16).’’ Buddhist psychology says, when we are suffering, it is caused by us clinging on too tightly to some things that will inevitably pass. If we put all our hard work into accomplishing bigger and better things, to make us feel better then we become addicted to external gratification.

Pride is known to be one of the seven deadly sins and perhaps there is a good reason for that. We all have been repealed by people who talk
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W feel when pride overcomes our life, we believe we’re always right and everyone is wrong, and it’s hard to keep relationships with people because no one wants to be with someone that thinks they know everything. When we have to much pride, then it disconnects us from everyone because they think they have to achieve greatness and everyone is getting in there way. Also, our pride can take over someone life as well, because we could be ashamed of them and we want to them to achieve greatness, like in the short story, “ The Scarlet Ibis” the older brother was gifted with a younger brother that was handicapped, and when Doodle tout himself to crawl then, the older brother was determined to teach him how to walk, because the older brother was ashamed to be related to a kid that was handicapped and he pushed Doodle to the point to where to couldn 't handle it anymore. In the article ‘’ Why Pride is Nothing to Be Proud Of” it says, “ Deignity can live inside us regardless of our successes and failures. We don’t have to prove anything to anything to anyone-- or even to ourselves. If an enterprise fails, this doesn’t mean that we’re a failure’’ (Amodeo, 16). Just because we cannot accomplish certain thing in life doesn 't mean we just stop. Also, we don 't need to
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