Persuasive Speech On Procrastination

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Good day, my name is Mena Hasan. I am a freshman in High School, and during my many years of schooling I have realized a very huge problem with today 's students, as I had done more research about this topic I had come to the conclusion that not only school students have this issue that everyone has this issue. This is something that we should all stop doing, but we just keep delaying it. . . procrastination. I know for one, I myself do this all the time, I do it in everything and it greatly affected my life. This is what I, along with many other procrastinators have done to stop procrastination. First, I will give you some background information about procrastination. Then, I will describe 3 changes you should make today to combat procrastination.
So first of all what is procrastination, not to be confused by laziness. Procrastination is an active process, you choose to do something else instead of the task that you know you should be doing. In contrast, laziness suggests apathy, inactivity and an unwillingness to act.
Procrastination is everywhere everyone does it; we see evidence of widespread procrastination habits in a reported in recent meta-analysis done in 2007 by University of Calgary psychologist Piers Steel, PhD, reports that 80 percent to 95 percent of college students procrastinate, particularly when it comes to doing their coursework (Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 133, No.1).*3 Also, 20 percent of U.S. men and women are chronic procrastinators. They delay at
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