Persuasive Speech On Procrastination

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I. Present the problem A. Capture interest- Just about everyone puts off completing tasks, responsibilities, and objectives at some point or another. Perhaps it’s part of our human nature but, procrastination have done some much it’s starting to be known as a “thief of time”. B. Prove that the issue exists- is the disease eating away at student productivity and is a pervasive problem for a large number of individuals in many societies. C. Show that the issue is serious- For example, researchers have estimated that in academic settings in North America, over 70% of students exhibit this behavior. D. Speculate about the causes of the problem Countless high school and college students are becoming too lazy and relaxed when it comes to completing assignments before its actually due. E. Thesis- However, high school and college students can avoid procrastination by committing to the task, maintaining your time, and minimizing distractions. II. Consequences of failing to solve the problem Procrastination can become so serious that it can develop into chronic procrastination. The chronic avoidance of tasks can often be attributed to obsessive compulsive disorder as individuals are so caught up in the details that they are unable to accomplish daily responsibilities. This very bad, especially for college and high school student failing to complete assignment can lead to dropouts, expulsion from school, and a lost in educational opportunities. Student procrastination can
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