Persuasive Speech On Puppy Mill

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When you look in the window at a cute little puppy at a pet store have you ever thought about what that puppy’s life might have been like before they got to that store? Frankly speaking, I never did until I started reading about puppy mills. Puppy farms or puppy mills are institutions of cruelty usually hidden from public view where dogs are housed in shocking appalling conditions. It is not unusual for large number of dogs to be crammed together in filthy pens and cages. As a pet owner, animal lover, or as a concerned adult, it is time for us to save this helpless dogs and puppy as puppy mills are extremely inhumane and need to be stopped. I have done research and read articles from animal welfare organizations to understand more about this topic. I discovered that not everyone think that puppy mill is inhumane due to the matter of profit that they can earned. Hence, my job today is to persuade those who are having this thinking that puppy mills should be put …show more content…

Next, I will proceed with the common hygiene and health problems that are faced by those puppies. According to the article published in Animals in 2000, puppies suffer from open sores and skin infections due to being fed with cheap or maggot-infested food, assuming meal time are not missed. Most often, the supply of water being provided to the dogs is unhygienic and can be breeding ground for mosquitoes and algae. In the worst condition, some of the dogs are not even given water supply regularly and are left in extremely high temperatures causing them to become dehydrated. This is one of the reasons the puppies and their mothers die very frequently in the mills. As mentioned above, puppy mills owner has shifted their emphasis from welfare to commerce. They want to earn the maximum profit with the minimum cost. Hence, most of the time, these puppies do not receive any veterinary care as it costs a lot for veterinary

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