The European Union's Obligations For The Refugees

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THE EU SHOULD OPEN ALL BORDERS FOR THE REFUGEES FROM THE BATTLEGROUNDS - PROPOSITION Hunger, insecurity, death in the Mediterranean, exploitation, impossible life conditions. All of these terms are describing the current events taking place in front of EU’s doorstep, where the refugees have fled to after the chaos in foreign countries. The second chaos on their path for a better life. Team Ravne will prove that the EU has s duty to guarantee a better life for these people and also that it will have a positive impact on the EU itself. All of this is happening on the ground of democracy, where they maintain the human rights. And today, we are proudly standing on the side if the human rights, on the side of the people. Firstly let us emphasise,…show more content…
article of the European convention about the safety of the human rights states: The High Contracting parties recognise everyone, that belongs to their competence, rights and freedom, so mentioned in the first part of this Convention. So the EU is undoubtedly condemned to respecting the human rights. And where do we see the problem here involving the refugees? The EU was not nearly ready for this pour, if we could even call it that as a half a million escapees asked for an asylum in this year isn 't even a tenth of a precent out of the european population. This is how it got to the demolishment of the system of asylum policy, it also showed many weak points in the Dublin regulation. and in such cases it is often seen that the fundamental human rights are the ones being ravaged the most and in no way is it an exemption in our case. as we see in the first article of the declaration of the human rights: All persons are born free and have the same dignity and equal rights. They are gifted with intellect and a conscience and all should act with one another as…show more content…
Furthermore, if we just think about the educated refugees, we’ll come to the conclusion that they will bring us fresh ideas and a different perspective to any problem, and that would cause a positive impact. These new ideas will most definitely open new sectors on things and with that new jobs. So if we think about the Lebanon case for example, they took in over 1.1 million Syrian refugees. By the World Bank data Lebanon has in the past year recorded a 2,5% economic growth, which is well over the expectations, and it is also the largest economic growth since 2010. And if we look at the facts, we realise that 1,1% of the Syrian refugees has risen the Lebanon’s serves export for 1,5%. If we take a look at the correlation between the manufacturer and the consumer, we can see that the refugees are consumers as well. And so with more consumers we need more manufacturing of products, which mean more job openings, for if we need more products we need more workers. Also the basic theory of economics states that competition for the workplace is welcome. Said competition encourages productiveness, which we all know results in better products, which again is responsible for a better economic state of the country and that again leads to new job

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