Persuasive Speech On Running

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Running is a sport for life, there is no minimum age to start doing it and it is possible to continue running as long as you can put one foot in front of the other, we grow, mature, establish personal records and with luck we break them one and the other time.

Even if you 've never had the urge to wear a pair of running shoes before, reading this article can inspire you in the motivating story of Deena Kastor, the athlete who at age 42 decided to go back to running the Chicago Marathon, the race she won In the year 2005; His goal was to travel the 42 km. Faster than any American woman age 40 or older. And he achieve it! With a time of 2:27:47 seconds the time almost one minute of the old mark that was established.

The experience over 20 years accumulating miles and winning races have allowed her to learn great lessons on this sport, now that she is married, is a mother and business woman, acknowledges that her career as a runner has taught her everything about what success in all The areas of life. So share the wisdom gained for the purpose of inspiring everyone regardless of age and remember that any effort is worth and that all you need is maybe put on those running shoes and start running.

You can meet with critics but you will also find a great community to support you

You will always find people who will question your decision to run. In the case of Deena, her grandmother, she would take the word every time he saw her to say, "Enough, enough! Put up a little weight,
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