Persuasive Speech On Safety

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I. Motorcycle protective gear - life savers in 80% of accidents (title)
II. Retro fashion in motorcycle gear

When you are professional or amateur biker, protective gear is second most important part of equipment after the motorcycle. It doesn’t matter if you are Harley or Yamaha fan, this gear saves your body from injuries, and often your life.
Let’s start with the first part of gear, helmet. Also letter of the law is quite clear on this matter. You cannot drive bike without helmet! Anyway, every person who owns a bike is aware of the risk if the helmet is not on the head during the ride. You can easily lose your life in crash because we all know that drivers of cars, trucks and busses don’t pay too much attention to the motorcycle drivers. Some of them don’t pay
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Predator, from one of the best SF movies ever, with this helmet and proper gear don’t drive through California, someone will call Arnold to kill you again.
5. Iron Man, this helmet looks like the original Iron Men film, too bad there is not full suite with jetpack, maybe you would consider changing your favorite vehicle.
6. NFL and NCAA team helmets. Extremely popular helmet among biggest fans of football, some people wear them even on football game. Fan equipment and protective one, which is 2 for the price of 1.
7. German motorcycle helmet, this is popular since the end of WWII. New design and materials had put this helmet in one of popular. It was proclaimed on many different web sites as the helmet of the month. New material, carbon fiber and Kevlar. With many different variations in colors, this helmet has become the most popular in last 30 – 40 years, and still is.
After this, we can conclude that helmet is not just safety equipment, but also personal signature of the biker who wears it. It talks a lot of a personality of the biker who wears it.
You don’t need to smile anymore to the women’s passing by, just buy Smiley helmet and the job is done, also no more fly’s between your
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