Persuasive Speech On School Change

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The more you grow up in this world, the more you start realizing that you are part of a bigger system consisting of unknown aims. “A system is a group of parts that, when combined, make a whole”. Nowadays, schooling remains an important aspect in life, as it provides knowledge and education. No one can deny the important role of schools, but the way they’re teaching totally ignores one’s skills and teaches students to obey orders. You surely might be asking why I am talking about two different things. In fact, I consider school as a system that leads the upcoming generations to be manageable. Education is learning, it is transferring skills, and knowledge to others through efficient methods. It is true that schools provide us with knowledge, but I don’t agree with the part saying that it gives us the adequate material to become what we are supposed to become. In other words, we don’t need school for education. We might be unschooled, but not uneducated. To enforce my point of view, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin were not a product of a school system, and they accomplished high achievements. The school system guides this world of sheep that goes with the flow, and we all are in denial. This should change!
The first reason why education should change nowadays is that schooling is a flawed system that doesn’t teach us how to be achievers, but instead it teaches us to be obedient, and forces us to learn dully. John Taylor Gatto said “Whatever an
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