Persuasive Speech On School Lunch

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Our school’s limited option of lunch beverages is disgusting. I’m of course referring to both the free milk they offer us and the drinks which can be purchased from their inventory of juices and healthy carbonated soda. Schools should offer students the decision to purchase and consume a wide variety of actually enjoyable beverages including those which may not be considered healthy. Whether the school installs vending machines or implements these drinks, students should have access to them because it helps students relax during a possibly difficult day at school, it should increase productivity and the quality of schoolwork, and it would probably improve the general student’s opinion of the school’s lunch.

Okay, let me elaborate on my first point. Imagine that you’re having a terribly difficult day at school before you are finally relieved of your immense stress when your lunch period begins. This forty minutes of social activity is usually considered relaxing as you communicate with your associates and consume a delicious school-lunch. You’re having a good time until your
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Drinking one of your favorite beverages can be a really satisfying experience. I can relate, once I arrive home and drink my favorite beverage it can be a very satisfying experience and can help work well in a more comfortable environment. Hopefully we could emulate this domestic feeling of relaxation with the addition of some students’ favorite soft drinks. This could help the students become less burdened by the extreme excess of stressful work which is assigned to us by teachers who lack the skill to empathize. This allows students to only focus on tranquility, the drive to work, and the aspect of success when relaxed and residing within a comfortable habitat, which results in the students working harder and
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