Reflective Essay On School Encounters

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Schools remind parents to take some responsibilities for student’s actions. School poster went viral!!!
Back in time when schools were way stricter and discipline was on a much higher level, parents were fully confident that their child will not only receive a proper education, but also some valuable manners which will serve children well in life and further on in their development as individuals.
However, a school poster that went viral on the net got us thinking. How much are teachers responsible for the manners and personality of the child and when should the parents step out and take things into their own hands? It’s true that in the past teachers were using physical contact to establish their authority in the classroom and no body found that weird or illegal, however times have changed and so did people. Different generations require a different approach and physical contact or disciplining a child whit a stick or pulling the hair is out of the question and even banned by the law. Nowadays schools and teacher in particular have to find a creative way to stimulate children to love school and they also have to find alternative ways to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom and a healthy working environment. It seems that teachers can’t do wonders in the classroom, especially not if the child has different manners or is thought
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In order to clarify things up and draw a specific line between school and home, a Portuguese school decided to set some ground rules by printing the parents’ responsibilities and sticking them all over the school so everyone can see and read them. The action taken by this school draw a lot of attention and now it’s all over the Internet. As soon as the school decided to share and post this poster on their Facebook page, they immediately triggered viral attention and reactions from people and other schools from all over the
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