Persuasive Speech On School Shootings

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Would you want to live in fear? Especially at a place that you feel safe. A place that you are required to go to by law. A place that children roam the hallways, learning and having fun. Can you imagine, going to this place every day, until one. Someone bursts through the school, into the cafeteria, the library, an auditorium, or even in a classroom. Every day the threat looms over us. Haunting us with its increasing numbers. We live in fear of a school shooter. And I will not stand for it. Will You? In 2018, there have been 8 school shootings. 8. That is a staggering number. The total body count is unbelievable for just 2018 alone. Ridiculous. How have we not done anything about this? How have we not increased our gun control laws after Florida.…show more content…
The image seared into our minds, children and administrators dead. How have we not done something about this? Well, we can. We will. Now that’s only 2018, I hear you say. Well since 2018, there have been over Three Hundred. 300. School shootings in America. Just schools. Being lit ablaze but the hail of bullets that people unleash onto innocent people. Humans killing Humans. But can we really call these killers human? Now that is not the problem. I've` read a story, from a mother that will remain Unnamed. Her little girl came running home from school, crying to her mother about needing new shoes. Her mother thought that someone might’ve made fun of her shoes, but It was different. At her school, they had done an active shooter drill. As she was hiding, her light up sneakers would give away her location. Would you want your child to worry about this? To sacrifice having cool shoes to show off to her classmates. To make her feel happy, for an active shooter. This is again not the problem. The problem is we need Stricter Gun Laws in…show more content…
The place known for its stunning beaches, vast outback wildlife, and a land where life is fun and pure. Now, Australia is Down Under. But it's far from Down Under a rock in the world of Gun Laws. In fact, Australia has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. 13 Mass Shootings in their History. And NONE of them have been in a school. Compare that to America’s 300 shootings in ONLY schools. It’s staggering. Now. Our gun laws in America aren’t strict at all. It’s actually stupid easy to get a gun in the good old USA. (Something I’ll talk about later.) Now what about making our gun laws like Australia. After a massacre in Australia in 1996, the Australian lawmakers sprang into action. They made a national firearms agreement. It included a temporary buyback program for all guns in Australia. Over about 2 months, they had bought back about 650,000 firearms. Now in Australia, there is a specific process to go through to even be considered for owning a gun. Here’s how it goes: 1: Fill out a very long pocket full of many questions. (Usually takes about 4 hours to complete) 2: Go through a background check 3: Wait 28 days to have you're form looked over 4: If you didn't qualify, go home and be sad 5: If you qualify, must go a gun store and provide all your government papers from the tests. And give a legitimate reason for owning a
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