Persuasive Speech On School Shootings

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Siren’s yelling, People crying, windows breaking, people dying. Shots being fired. Why you may ask this is happening, well it is because of a secret. The main target is Steven Edwards because he knows the truth. The truth does not make you feel better, the truth is dangerous and deadly. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!” screamed a man in all black. With that he was pushed with the ropes down below. You should guess what happened next, not the nicest thing to see or describe.
Here we start at the beginning of the darkest secret there is in Madison's Point. It all started one fine spring morning were the morning dew was on all of the flowers and the whole lot of grass in front of the Edward’s family. The family was a quite normal family. Mrs. Edwards the normal soccer mom, the kind of mom that would always give
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You would think that she is rich because for every good deed you do you would get $5, even if you were cleaning your room without being asked you would get $10. (But we all know the reason you really cleaned your room; there probably something moving on your sock or something) Next of course is Mr. Edward’s, the sport freak. Let’s put it this way, if you were watching a sport game of any kind he would know everything that happened and how the winning team won. He is like ESPN crazy. Also there is the oldest of the three brothers Evan Edwards, no one really hears from him much now that he is married and has two kids, no story there besides he has a great life and everyone is jealous of his love life. So let's move on, David Edwards, the youngest of the family. Do you have that one guy that is e class clown that everyone loves so much, well David is basically that, but sweeter. He is also the perfect child the one that gets A’s on everything he take tests on. ( I bet that when he goes a restaurant the waiter probably gives him an A on the food he has ordered, by the way he didn’t make it) Last,

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