Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

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Envision waking up every morning to put on the same outfit and walk out the door, stress free. People would not have to worry about what fits, or what is fashionable at the time. Schools would not have to worry about inappropriate clothing but at the same time, that clothing may be a way for a student to express himself. Many schools view uniforms as a solution to several problems, but many schools view uniforms as a lack of self expression. School uniforms should continue, even though children may not get to express themselves, because they prohibit violence, provide cheaper lifestyles, and promote better education. Violence is an issue in all schools. School fights have decreased by 51 percent and drug use has decreased by 69 percent (“School Uniforms”). Gangs are one of the leading causes of violence in schools. Gangs can be formed by clothing, like students wearing a certain color or symbol on their shirts. If all students wore school uniforms, there would not be a way for gangs to be formed. Gangs can harass others and cause them to be afraid to come to school, which would lower their attendance and their grades. Bullies also play a big part in school violence. Students are constantly being picked on about their clothing. Bullies usually aim for the student’s style, how the clothes fit, or if the clothes are not “in style.” Schools need better fitting uniforms for those who vary in size (Kelly). Some students feel like they are walking in their pajamas since their

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