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Replace ratty slipcovers and add a few paint to an old glider and also you’ve were given yourself a useful and sublime chair in your child’s nursery.

We set out for our new life in Colorado at the precise 20 weeks, half of-manner point of our being pregnant with Mo. It turned into so interesting, however, it also meant that we spent the rest of her gestation like nomads, dwelling with a ramification of beneficiant own family members whilst we looked for a domestic of our personnel.

I don’t think pregnant women are meant to be nomads. Instead of nesting and striking mobiles and embroidering “I Love You” artwork for our child’s nursery, we have been being traipsing to home showings searching out a residence whose tiny size, timber paneling or stinky carpet turned into neglect-capable.

Since I couldn’t pour my nesting electricity into the nest we didn’t have, I directed my hyped-up hormones to
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If you’re adding velcro: fold over the hem twice and iron it flat. Pin velcro to the hem and sew around each fringe of the velcro.

5. Pin your portions together. If you didn’t add velcro, ensure you plan to leave a section of the slipcover unsewn so you can flip it proper side out.

6. Sew all seams using the equal seam allowance as the authentic slipcover.

7. Turn your slipcover interior out. If you’re adding little tabs to preserve the returned cushion in a region at the glider, you need to attach those now, before you put the cushion on the cover. I sincerely made little rectangles, added velcro and then measured wherein they had to be located on the cushion with a purpose to wrap around the chair lower back spindles.

8. Take a 2d to admire your tough work! Now battle that cushion internal your slipcover such as you’re looking to mug it in an again alley. Unless you’re trying to induce exertions, this is part I’d advocate asking for assistance in case you’re eight months pregnant.

9. Repeat this process with the bottom cushion

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