Persuasive Speech On Smartphones

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Persuasive speech-ARE YOU SMART?!
BY: Rochel Rhine
Topic: Stop the use of smart phones
Specific purpose: to inspire others to get rid of their ‘smart phones,’ each on their own level.
A. Introduction:
a. Attention Grabber: 500 million smart phone users in the world today, of the 6 billion cell phone subscribers worldwide. That’s 8.3% of cell phone user population using smart phones, and 91.7% using dumb phones. That shows that over 90% uses dumb phones, an overwhelming majority of the world!
b. Reason for speaking on this topic: I feel very passionate about this topic!
c. Credibility: I feel that I have done enough research on this topic to be able to speak about it!
e. Need step: People who own smart phones, should get rid of them completely, or at least down grade them to a more basic features phone.
B. Step 3: As seen by the Frum world, at large, we aren’t happy about all this technology. 4 years ago, in Citifeild, home of the Mets, there was an asifa that was attended by 40,000 people, with overflow into a neaby stadium, about the dangers of the internet. There were many prominent Rabanim there, including R’ Don Segal, R’ Matisyahu Salomon, R’ Ephraim Waxman, The Liska Rebbe, The Skulener Rebbe, and R’ Vosner.
a. Big quote from R’ Waxman: “People will tell you that Rabbanim don’t understand the internet. They are right; we don’t. But we hear about all the problems that are caused
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