Persuasive Speech On Solitary Confinement

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Constructive speech

Today My partner and I will be talking about if solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment. I am the opposition on this subject so we think that it is not a cruel and unusual punishment.

The definition of solitary confinement is a form of imprisonment where an inmate is concealed from all human contact except the guard that takes care of you, but you have some time to walk around in a bigger room then your cell for exercise.

The eighth amendment defines cruel and unusual punishment as torture and death by hanging or other murderous death sentences like in England how they had the guillotine and if you did something bad then they would cut your head off, Also pillory from medieval times, and being disemboweled
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Our supporting points are that it keeps prisoners safe from each other. It keeps crazy people off the street so there is nobody that killed someone or raped people on the streets threatening to do it again. Also it's not torture no one goes into the prison and get tortured and then they die in the end because they have been through too much pain. Also if you look at the eighth amendment and also look up cruel and unusual punishment they don't match up at all and if you add solitary confinement it doesn't match cruel and unusual punishment either. You will benefit if you pick my side because you can keep crazy and dangerous people of the streets, and get them help from therapists and doctors and help them get back to normal and then they won't be crazy and dangerous but if that doesn't help you can keep them concealed from the world so they can't hurt anyone. These facts that me and my partner told you about how solitary confinement is good for people are true facts because they have been proven by doctors and law enforcement officers, which are not forced to make people go to solitary confinement they choose to send them there because it will be beneficial to the men and women that need the help
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