Persuasive Speech On Standardized Testing

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Thank you so much for taking your time out of your very busy days to join us. It is always wonderful to share thoughts with people of your expertise, especially on a subject that affects my everyday life. Education is paramount to achieving success, and living in the modern world. In my school we take several standardized tests that are supposed to measure how much knowledge I’ve retained throughout the year. These exams have changed the way that children are taught, and have made public schools int a limited learning environment. In fact 70 percent of educators surveyed in 2015 say that tests are not developmentally appropriate. Furthermore many students suffer a great deal of stress because of standardized tests.What’s most shocking is that instead of lower income schools getting better after tests were implemented they have actually gotten worse. School could essentially be taught by robots. At this point most teachers in my district have to teach a curriculum that is developed by the state instead of their own curriculum. I fact some of these curricula have scripts and pacing guide to what has been taught. According to the same source 60 to 110 hours are spent specifically on testing instruction. Traditional classroom planning allowed teachers to develop curriculum that catered to the needs of their class. What’s wrong is that we have to many testing and test don’t truthly measure your intelligence for example there are some really smart kids with lots of A’s but when
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