Persuasive Speech On Stereotypes By Adults

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TRANSITIONS Over the Labor day weekend, at the Delafield Walmart crowded parking lot, people watched as an impertinent teenager dashed into an empty parking space. The parking lot was full, and this made many of the adults furious as they wanted to get in and out quickly. Trying to get last minute school supplies, food for Labor day barbeques, and many more things. The adults thought the worst about the situation, “That teenager is up to no good doing that.” Little did they know he was waving at a car with an elderly couple. He was saving the spot for the elderly couple doing a good deed, not doing anything wrong. This teenager was showing appreciation to elders. This event illustrates how teens are falsely stereotyped by adults. When you hear the word teenager, you think of lazy, irresponsible, ungrateful, narcissistic, or a clueless person that has no intention to do good. Adults stereotyping teens have many effects on teens. False stereotyping by adults has a negative effect on a teen’s self esteem, and…show more content…
Instead of thinking the worse about teens. Have an open mind when a teen is doing something because it could be for the better. Not all teens have the intention to do something bad. Along with that, if you don’t have the full context wait until you make an assumption about the person. According to the article, “ Negative Stereotypes Hurting Teens Job prospects,” Birdwell said, “Teenagers are motivated to make a difference in their community, but the approach they take is radically different to previous generations.” People need to notice these differences and think about the good possibilities. For example, saving a spot for an elder couple. Not the bad possibilities. For example, saving a spot for his teenage friends. If adults do that then teens wouldn’t be afraid to do helpful things for the community. It allows teens to feel like they won’t be judged if they do something like dash into a parking spot for an elder
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