Pollution Essay: The Destruction Of Our Society

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The definition of suicide by Oxford dictionary is "The Act of Killing and or harming oneself intentionally." What other words we use to describe what we 're doing to our planet, we have been killing ourselves the whole time. Our world is dying because of us. We are the problem. The eradication of forests and ecosystems, the pollution we cause, and the glaciers melting at an alarming rate are all big factors of the main issue. The destruction of our planet. Forests cover 31% of our land and produce over one-third of oxygen. They provide homes for wildlife and many species, so use them for resources but still, we destroy them. In only 50 years we have destroyed 17% of the Amazon rainforests. The 17% we cut down his pussy for cattle ranching,…show more content…
The populace of this planet, create an average of 2.2 billion tons of garbage a year and that means a bit more than 6 million tons of waste per day. Just think about it, that 's 3 million cars, 26000 statues of Liberty. Not only that but where is the waste goes is also a problem. In higher income more sophisticated countries, 59% goes into landfills, 33% in dumps, 6% in others, and astonishingly only 2% to proper compost and recycling. With dumps and landfills as the highest most people would think that these are ecologically good systems. Surprisingly don 't start actually just holes in the ground filled with our garbage which can cause major problems for the ecosystem and biodiversity of the area. Also, they can cause health and sanitary problems for animals and humans in close proximity. Landfills are much "cleaner" with proper filtration systems, methane gas recovery systems and many more things to try and protect the environment. But, those are all recent additions that were not there a few decades ago. Causing problems to our planet, methane gas pollution is one of the most commonly known issues of our world today. They 're in the same category as the other greenhouse gases which cause our atmosphere to degrade forming many new problems. Right now our pollution levels are too high and if we don 't do something about it now it might be too late in the

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