Persuasive Speech On Syrian Refugee

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You live in Raleigh, with your family and quite possibly a pet dog named Rufus. Suddenly, bombs are taking out cities like New York, DC, and eventually Raleigh. Soon, members in your community are all dead, you have no money because your parents can’t work and no education, because your school has been obliterated. Your family is starving and your younger brother is sobbing because his best friend had his head blown off. You cannot believe your eyes, you’re in utter despair. You were once a proud American with a bright future. What happened? Your parents make a heroic decision, to take you, your siblings and the possessions that you have left, and walk to Canada, a safe haven where none of this is happening. When you get there, after the…show more content…
This is not due to lack of room in this country, for every year, the US lets in an average of 1,500,000 immigrants and of that sizable number, less than one percent are the people who need it the most. “The House passed a bill requiring the FBI director, the secretary of homeland security and the director of national intelligence to all certify that each individual refugee poses no security risk to the U.S. In the name of increased security, the House is aiming to slow Syrian refugee intake to a crawl.” (Bremmer, Times) Syrian refugees are discriminated against during the application process, by having additional and far more intensive checks, before being considered. If this step is being taken for just these people, shouldn’t the same be done for all applicants? In a Gallup poll conducted, 63 percent of Americans said that immigration is a “good thing” for the country. But another poll conducted, found that 53 percent of Americans don’t want to accept any Syrian refugees. It shows that not only are the immigration offices stereotyping and producing the characteristics of these victims, but so are we. It was France who promised to take in 30,000 Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks ; it was America who implied ideals of hate and of fear towards these refugees after the Paris
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