Persuasive Speech On Teenage Marriage

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Throughout the world, one in nine girls enters an arranged marriage before age fifteen, which makes underage marriage a surprisingly common occurrence (UNFPA). Child marriage is a pandemic, and no organizations or governments have been successful in finding a permanent solution to the illegal marriages. Rather, in most developing countries and even highly advanced countries such as the United States of America, parents sanction the wedding of the underage brides. Half of all brides in India marry as girls, and India has some of the most severe age differences within the marriages (UNICEF). These illegal unions between adult men and underage girls should be and must be eradicated. Underage marriage invites the inevitable difficulty of the girls’ inability to advocate for themselves. When women marry as girls,…show more content…
In most domestic violence cases, the abused fears the abuser and will not stand up for his or her self in fear of more violence. Furthermore, these girls do not face simply domestic violence but experience a high prevalence of sexual abuse. When brides are underage, their bodies are not prepared for adult sexuality, yet they are forced into a world of physicality that they cannot comprehend. Because of this, the girls are more likely to encounter marital rape, unsafe abortions, and female genital mutilation (ECPAT). Female genital mutilation, also known as female circumcision, is the harmful and unnecessary act of removing the external genitalia on young girls. Although it is a common practice with so-called health benefits, there are no actual known advantages of female circumcision, as it often causes problems regarding childbirth, sexual intercourse, urination, and mental health. It is almost always performed without the consent of the patient and is usually done in a crude, archaic manner by someone who is unqualified. As it is normally executed in developing countries where child marriage is a normal occurrence, parents often

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