Persuasive Speech On The Future

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People always wonder how to divert the life through a path they want to pursue. Most of them will end up in regretting about the past. The futile wish to undo the past is nothing, but waste of time. However, there is always a way for you, offering all changes you are craving for your life – The future. The reason behind our disappointment in our past and efforts in the present is nothing, but the future. The education, mannerisms, knowledge, and wisdom are just ways to achieve success in future. The urge to become ‘someone’ in future is leading our life. All hopes, hard works, and beliefs of human are only about our future. Everyone is sure that they want a wonderful tomorrow. The way to happiness will differ from person to person. Money alone cannot bring happiness. Respect, power, and popularity are other reasons for happiness. Pursuing a career, which do not satisfy your reason to be happy will never work for you. Our society influences…show more content…
We are always thinking about being in the future, not becoming the future. However, it is possible. Becoming the future or daring to say, “I am the future” is a great deal. We need to give reasons to the world to trust on us. Consider the “I” as a company. The future of that company depends upon it’s clients. They have to make promises that the company will support and protect. The key is, the promise must not be a fake one. Through years and years of proving, that organisation will become the future of the clients. A construction company should build a new face for cities. A doctor should aim at the health of a whole locality. A teacher has to be able to see the success of all students. A student must watch dreams about leading the world one day and should work for this. These are not simple things. For a person who wants to live like everyone else, these principles have no significance. Only for those who want to become the future, need all these

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