Technology Makes A Creative Person Essay

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Michelle is an art graduate from MIT. From an early age, she had shown her inclination towards anything creative using her imagination, colours and brushes. She had won many accolades and prizes with her creativity and her parents had high hopes for her. But things did not turn out as expected. She has now been absorbed by an IT company that designs wallpapers using technology that does not allow her to be creative as it has limited scope and the program does not allow her the freedom to be creative. She now finds her work boring and mundane as it does not allow her to be expressive with her talents. Similarly, Michael a shoes salesperson who had been doing well selling shoes to customers through his outlets, finds it tough as he is not able to convince his customers on the choice of their shoes. Due to competition, he now sells his shoes online by putting pictures of his available various shoes with the price tag so that customers can have their pick. He is only able to communicate through the online business company that specifies the popular brands and makes, and decides on their price ranges. He is unable to convince customers with good advice nor is he able to use his ability to communicate well to his advantage!…show more content…
But at what cost? It has stifled man’s creativity and reduced communication between individuals. If technology is allowed to perform the tasks originally and naturally carried out by humans, there will come a time when we find humans are irrelevant as machines and robots can do the job just as well! Is not the thought of this itself frightening? But wait! Machines and robots do not have feelings. They just do what they have been programmed to do and nothing more. They cannot think and react according to different situations as men can
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