Air Travel Persuasive Essay

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Flying off to the exotic destinations across the world is certainly exciting and packed with fun. But, before you reach, there exists a bitter truth of spending long hours in a single cabin of stuffy aircraft that too at above thousands feet which is no less than having a nightmare. However, with some preparations and precautions, this torment can be lived as a wonderful adventure. Thus, The Week is here to advocate you some simple tricks with which one can effortlessly deal with crazy-long-haul flights and can ensure of having a smooth and peaceful journey.
Dress comfortably
While traveling, just think of an outfit that you will be comfortable to wear even after spending hours on a plane. Starting at the bottom, wearing slip-on shoes are
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So, your body and skin will require more hydration than on average days. Thus, instead of waiting for the tiny cup of water from the flight attendants, bring along a water bottle and ask for refills. Any reusable bottle will work. Drinking more water will help you prevent serious consequences of jet lag, boost your energy and help prevent a headache during the flight.
Time for snacks
Once you are hydrated, the next concern is about eating. Don’t be relaxed and count on eating airline foods because it may not be served to you when you are expecting. So bring your own foods which are slow-energy releasing. For instance, cereal bars, dark chocolates, nuts such as almonds, fruits as bananas and apples or dried fruits without added sugar. Carry them in your handbag. Avoid eating salty foods, alcohol or fasting because that will only increase your dehydration.
Pack your survival kit
Even short flights can leave a person exhausted and when it comes to the long one, it can be worse than ever. But, you might need to look presentable at the airport to maintain your reputations. So pack all your essential kits as toiletries, face wipes, moisturizers and a perfume in a carry on that is within your reach on the flight itself. Grab what you need and make a short visit to the bathroom to refresh yourself in last hour before landing. Many airlines provide these kits in the plane itself. But it is better to not depend or take a risk. Rather, carry them in a minimal size of bottles and be

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