Persuasive Speech On Treadmills

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Treadmills are excellent pieces of exercise equipment that provide a way for you to walk and run in your own personal space. They are closely associated with fitness and good health. So much so that movies often introduce characters with such traits in scenes where you see them running on a treadmill. Ironically, most people (even regular gym goers) have never actually used a treadmill. Of the ones that have, few know how to use a treadmill safely and get the most out of it. With dwindling public spaces (where you can actually jog) and rising pollution levels in Urban India, treadmills are getting quite popular. If you own a treadmill or are planning to work out using one at the gym, you need to know the answer to the obvious question – how…show more content…
Always walk slowly for about 4-5 minutes until your heart rate slows down and you can breathe easily. Getting the Best Results from a Treadmill Increasing Difficulty: As you get familiar with using the treadmill, you will want to raise the difficulty. There are several ways to do this. The idea is to start slow, repeat till comfortable, then raise the barrier. If you use the treadmill at the gym, consult an instructor before you try these steps: • Incline: You can raise the intensity of your workout by increasing the incline by about 6 degrees at a time. Increasing the incline may be easier to adapt to than to simply increasing the speed. • Speed: You will want to raise the speed over time. A good treadmill workout involves varying the speed over the course of the routine just like you do sets with weight training. You will need to get comfortable at high speeds so you can lower it for the “cool down” periods. Know Why You Are Running: The purpose of your workout is as important as how you do it. • People aiming to lose weight must reach 75-90% of their target heart rate (THR) to burn fat. The THR, in turn, is 60-90% of you maximum heart rate (MHR). Finally the MHR is calculated as follows: o For men: 220 - Age in

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