Argumentative Essay: The War On Terrorism

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As of late, our country has entered into several wars, countless skirmishes, dropped bombs on people without even a declaration of war, and in general, have thrown our military might around like a bully on a beach. I'm sorry my friends, but we cannot continue to do this. It's not good for us, and it's certainly not good for the people we are dropping bombs on.
We are not making friends wherever we go, and looking back at history, we haven't had the best track record when it comes to our interference. The sad fact is, we've done as much damage as any help we may have given, and the rest of the world isn't thanking us for our efforts as they try to dig themselves out from under the rubble we caused.
The war on terrorism isn't working. We are
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During the time of the Roman Empire, wars were lead by their leaders or their firstborn sons, no conflict was entered into unless those who called for it had skin in the game. Perhaps it's not such a bad idea now. If the ruling body who decides war is to be called, but experiences no personal consequences for their decision, that body tends to make light of war, knowing it will not reach their door.
Or, perhaps another, and better, safeguard can be found to keep our legislators well grounded in the consequences of war so they never attempt to involve our country without a good and compelling reason. While I am dictator, it will never happen, but there will be a time in the not too distant future, it will not be in my hands, but of those of Congress, so we'd better put those guards in place before it's up to them.
I also believe there should be a public vote on whether or not we go to war. And, if the majority decides it is in our best interest, every person who voted yes will be at the top of the list of draftees if more soldiers are needed.
Or perhaps, there could just be a random 10% assortment from anyone who voted yes to be picked for the war lottery, and it would include any member of our government who voted

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