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Soft sand under your feet, skies as blue as the ocean itself and a majestic view of a blazing sunset-- what more can spell romance than a wedding by the beach? Swapping vows on the sand may be as lavish or peaceful as you like- from private you-two-only ceremonies to small gatherings packed with family and friends. What can be more perfect?
Although a seaside serenade may be a universal dream for the ladies, you should not forget that it has its own set of considerations. So, here are some tips to have a worry-free oceanfront affair:
Planning ahead
Plan ahead months before your special day in order to get all your details straight. Not only should you pick a day that fits the schedule of you and your guests, but of course, also pick the most suitable destination for you. You
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According to Celebrity-wedding planner Colin Cowie, you should stick with local vendors as much as possible. Especially if you’re out in a different country, hire local caterers who are mindful of local markets and respectful of your beach environment. Explore the local cuisine and make your ceremony as beautiful and as exquisite as possible. Nothing beats trying new things right on the first day of your companionship.

• Go natural. A sunset backdrop is definitely scenic enough so go light and focus more on natural decorations such as small seashells or starfishes. Highlight the natural aura and tint the beach can offer. Make sure you hire a wedding photographer in Sidney ( who is skilled enough to capture the ambience of the natural setting and who can work with the harmonious palette of colours of the sand and water.

• Speak up and add romance. The ocean can get noisy sometimes so be prepared and make sure to have a fully working sound system. Prepare a microphone and speaker for your officiate and for the both of you in order to avoid having your guests play guess-that-word, and in the long run not focus on your vow

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