Persuasive Speech On Weightlifting

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Weight Lifting is very common these days. Everyone going to Gym lifts weight for making himself strong and healthier. Some people adopt weightlifting as their favorite sports and do it on the professional basis but there are several people, you may come across in Gym, who only do it as an exercise, aiming at improving their muscle development and for gaining strength and toning up the body.

Whatever may be your aim, but the most important question, which you face is, when and how should I increase weights? Here we are giving you, the solution to this question.

Increase Weight When You Are Accustomed To Current Weight
No matter how strong are you but never increase weights abruptly. Always follow a plan. Start with lesser weights. Carry on practicing with this weight till such time you feel at ease with this weight. Now it is time to increase the weight but remember, increase the weight to small proportions.

Increasing weight without a plan or increasing weight in quick successions may cause muscle fatigue and your body will be vulnerable to various types of injuries. Key to your success is, therefore, increase weight, once you have done sufficiently with the current weight.

If, for whatever reason may be, there is a break of one week or longer, in your daily routine, never resume with the last weight, you had lifted before the break. Start afresh with small weights and follow the above pattern to reach your top weights.

Monitor The Fatigue You Feel While Lifting The

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