Persuasive Speech On Xceo

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I will give you a gift, a two trillion dollar gift. If you place your trust in me, this dream will come true. I present with a vision of man profiting from technology without exerting labor. xCEO has the potential of automated half of the labor force and reinvesting two trillion dollars into the economy, and with trickle-down economics, every single man will benefit from this innovation. We can’t deceive ourselves of the impending futures, where simulated intelligence outcompetes the human mind. As investors, I came to you, with an opportunity, to renovate the world. To press the point, we have the top thirty jobs in America under the process of automation. This is the equivalent of seventy million jobs, and that just the beginning. We plan after successfully implementing in America, and we will open the gateway for automation to the world. Our ultimate goal is three billion jobs automated, saving investors, shareholders, and entrepreneur fifty-four trillion dollars. We recognized the considerable impact it will have on society, so we work with our partners in the public and private sector to make the transition to the vision as smoothly as possible.
The cost is 200k minimum, or 20% of the labor force worth, but you will reap the benefit
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We can build the algorithm from supervised learning where we show the bots ton of data and create a test from it. For example, we present the bot the Pythagorean Theorem and then we show the bot thousands of solved problems. The bots are equipped with trackers that use the Parametric Method to find correlation between the problems and create a curvature graph where the characteristics that lead to the problem solution centered around the mean of the chart. The data that centered around the mean is then transferred to a hard disk for it to be stored in the memory of the
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