Persuasive Speech On Xenophobia

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Good morning everyone. My name is Cameron Fraser XENOPHOBIA DOESN’T BENEFIT ANYBODAY UNLESS YOURE PLAYING SCRABBLE AT HIGH STAKES!! YES, THAT’S AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS!! –Dennis Miller Did you know that Xenophobia is the fear or hate of foreigners from a different culture or country basically the dislike of their customs, their dress, and their general all round existence? This is a human rights violation as everyone has the promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination. The reason for Xenophobia is citizens are quick to assert, nationalistically, that the "aliens" have come to take over their country, their resources, their jobs, and their culture. Labour law, hopelessly inappropriate for a largely unskilled workforce, has contributed to keep many mainly black South Africans out of jobs. Immigrants were able to secure employment as these labour strategies did not apply to them and were in many cases able to make a living making the citizens of south Africa unhappy as they thought that immigrants were stealing the jobs making them violent. There are a variety of ways in which human rights violation are being affected by Xenophobia. People have the right to not be treated in an inhuman and degrading manner this is being violated by Xenophobia as immigrants are being discriminated in numerous ways ranging from a derogatory name calling to harassment and physical attacks these incidents are caused from the people of South Africa .Another right that
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