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How Technology has changed the World I. Intro a. Over time humans have destroyed the environment with pollution and now we are creating new technologies to spot polluting our planet. b. Technology is rapidly evolving and it has changed the way people live out their lives. People have become attached to technology and it is affecting the way we live both physically and mentally. We have also made advances that can change the world. New technology for energy is running our planet cleaner than ever and advances in the medical field have extended the life expectancy. c. Technology has been evolving for hundreds of years and now we are becoming more able to make it more efficient and better than ever. II. First body paragraph a. Solar Power i. Solar…show more content…
Although nuclear power can be dangerous, it is a strong source for energy that could run nations for years. III. Advances in medical field a. Brain Mapping i. Brain mapping will become one of the biggest medical advances in history as we are starting to learn more and more about how the human brain functions. ii. Brain mapping will become a major breakthrough in the technological world. A group of scientists in Europe have made a map that has 50 times better resolution than any other map created before. It is able to show details as small as 20 micrometers (Brain Mapping). A brain was cut into thousands of pieces and assembled back together on a computer. This map took a decade to complete. iii. As technology becomes more and more advanced we are able to get a better understanding of how our brain functions. b. Life expectancy i. In the past, the average human life was 40-50 years old, now as time has gone by the life span has grown up to 83 years on average. ii. The reason why people are living longer is because we have learned about what is good and what is not good for our bodies. We have also made advances in medicine that have saved millions of lives. New technologies are helping us monitor people in hospitals, preform operations, and give x-rays. In the future it is predicted that the old will outnumber the younger people on earth (Living
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