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Healing or Undermining Specific Purpose: To let you know about the 3 reasons of parents tell everyone who don't want to vaccinate. Central Idea: The 3 reasons of parents tell everyone who don't want to vaccinate. -Vaccines have side effects. -Vaccines cause autism. -The preservatives in vaccines are dangerous. Introduction: "Go to vaccinate" my mum said. I believed that almost everyone ever heard this phrase many times when you were child. "Why to vaccinate" I always doubt it? And believed that anybody doubt it too. Vaccinate is preventing severe disease in children that aims to thwart the spread and reduce the devastating of the disease and I think it's a good thing to do. But recently, there was news that a number of parents in the U.S…show more content…
In conclusion, there is no relationship. The vaccine against the disease in the group of autism III. The preservatives in vaccines are dangerous A. Thimerosal is a preservative that contains lead contamination was found in about 50% more flu vaccine. B. Research has shown the children are especially possible that the brain will be destroyed because they contain excessive amounts of thimerosal. C. However, no reports of the use of Thimerosal in vaccines for children under 6 years since the year 2554 onwards, and with influenza vaccine for older children and adults with low or no amounts of thimerosal. Conclusion: That's why the family of U.S did not want their children vaccinated because they believed too much and concerns about disadvantage, vaccines have side effects, vaccines cause autism, and the preservatives in vaccines are dangerous. In the other hand, vaccination has its own advantages is when a child has been vaccinated, the disease is not contagious to other children. Therefore, vaccination thus enhancing substances special for children. However vaccination is not a bad thing, but it’s believed, it’s depends on you that how to believe. So, if you have children in the future, I think you should consult a doctor before vaccinate for your
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