Persuasive Speech Outline For Euthanasia

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A. Imagine only having a few months to live, you are tired and do not have any fight left in you. B. There are thousands of people who feel like this every day, but there is an option for those who just cannot take it anymore. C. Terminally ill people should be allowed to take their own lives through assisted suicide or euthanasia, which is the process of purposely ending a life to stop pain and suffering. II. A. Having a brain tumor is not something that anyone would choose, but choosing to end their own suffering is. Doctors will more than likely prescribe their patients with the means to perform euthanasia. With this in mind, “...doctors cannot initiate conversations about aid in dying...The patient must ask for the medicine themselves.” (Karlamangla 4). B. No one is forcing these deathly sick people to make a decision that they do not want to, they are choosing to end their suffering. Particularly, in cases like John Minor’s, it was the best choice. His wife, Sherry, spoke on their experience, “...John was suffering with a painful terminal lung disease last year. The 80-year-old retired psychologist had lost 80 pounds and could barely eat or talk…’John did what was right for him, he died peacefully, rather than in agony, and he was…show more content…
Although 111 is not a large number, society has made a step in the right direction. Of course there are a plethora of people who believe it is a good system, but there are also people who think that doctors should be charged with murder. Sarah Edelman, who is pro euthanasia, stated, “During 2017, a bill to allow assisted dying for individuals with a terminal illness who face unrelievable suffering will be put before the NSW(New South Wales) Parliament. There have been more than 30 Voluntary Assisted Dying bills tabled in various states, and all have been voted down.” (1). The question imposed is how many people are going to have to suffer for politicians to realize that these sick people deserve to die with
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