Persuasive Speech Outline On Abortion

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I. I believe in the inviolability of human life II. I am absolutely disagree the elective abortion for personal or social convenience. A. All of us should not submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange such abortions. III. The word abortion by definition means the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. IV. Abortion , without a doubt, is an extremely controversial issue nowadays because although some people including me, are completely against it, others believe that a woman should have the right to choose. V. Life begins at conception . A. “Life begins at conception. Therefore, an un-born baby has a right to life. This court ruling is a slap in the face of humanity” (Gordon, Tacoma, …show more content…

When the health of the mother is in serious jeopardy and already been advices by the medical authority to do abortion. C. When the baby cannot survive beyond birth due to severe defect of the fetus. VII. Even these special cases do not automatically justify abortion. VIII. Abortion is a really serious thing and should only be pondered after the persons involved have considered other alternatives such as give it to the other persons that in need of a baby as adoption. IX. I don’t believe that the abortion argument should be about rights, but about potentiality. X. In this speech I hope to present a persuasive moral argument that abortion is akin to murder and should be avoided, even if the child is unplanned or unwanted or the women would be in danger by the consequences of abortion. (Transition: Let’s look more closely at the health risks posed by cell phones.) Body I. Abortion is a murder. It is the intentionally killing of a human being and it is also can be considered as a war on the unborn which are obviously defenseless and voiceless. A. Abortion denies the right of the eternal being to have a mortal experience and also learning experience in this world. “I believe the freedom to choose my course in life but I do not believe I am free to choose the consequences of my

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